I’ve been honored to be a guest on a number of amazing podcasts with people all around the world.

If you run a podcast and are interested in me being a guest, I guarantee we will have a fun and entertaining time.

Sounds Like Freedom Podcast

Debbie Henne is an accomplished Wife, Mom, Author, Podcaster, and has experience in dealing with the Spiritual.

She does an excellent job at running all of her things. She does a great job interviewing me here, and pulls out some great stuff. Catch her on Youtube or right here: Anchor

Ephphatha Podcast

Kehinde “Kenny Crowne” runs the Ephphatha Podcast. Ephphatha was the words of Jesus to the man who was blind and it translates to “Be Open!”

This was an awesome night – and it almost didn’t happen. I was having a rough day, and we got the times wrong. But it happened, and it was awesome!

Author’s Up Podcast

Author’s Up Podcast

Hosted by Andrea Hines, Victoria Henderson and Ruth Griffin, Authors Up is a platform for first-time and established writers to share their work. They also feature writing and publishing tips, writing challenges, contests, radio productions listeners can participate in; and much more. Listen to find your new favorite book, to express yourself, or to simply be entertained. Updates weekly.

Between the three women, they have written 12 books. Tune in to check as they interview author’s from all genres.




The Jim Stroud Podcast

Jim Stroud is runs Conservative Television of America. He hosts a full content website doing shows, podcasts, and blogging.  Speaking freely and questioning everything, Jim Stroud opines and interviews experts on curious and controversial topics. 

Apple Podcasts

View on the Jim Stroud website

From Mess to Miracle Podcast

From Mess to Miracle podcast is ran by Keith Haney, a pastor in Iowa. Keith digs into people’s lives and finds stories of people who live quiet lives overcoming. He also runs a second podcast on Race.

You can check out the episodes here:



Taming Tribulation podcast

Wyatt Hammond & Jeremy Crossley run the Taming Tribulation podcast. They dig in to meaningdul & heavy conversations, people that have lost everything, hit rock bottom, and found the warrior within and how they find meaning in life’s tribulations.

Having dealt with their own tribulations, they dug in to share others pain amd triumph. Check it out here on Spotify


Kingdom Crossroads

The Kingdom Crossroads radio show comes out of the Baltimore area by Pastor Robert Thibodeau.

Pastor Bob was a former military man, and later policeman. He retired from the Police force and God called him to set up a podcast ion 2007 – long before anyone even knew what a podcast was. Today he not only runs a huge podcast/radio show, but he runs one of the best hosting/development platforms for podcasters with FaithCasters.net.

Pastor Bob conducted a FANTASTIC interview and he had to break it into 3 separate parts to fit on his radio show. You can catch all three parts below:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Sean M. Sullivan Podcast

Sean M. Sullivan has a Masters in Forensic Psychology. He’s well versed in the human mind and the way people think. He covers books reviews, major people in the Psychology field, and occasionally he grants interviews to people he doesn’t know.

In this episode, we spend the first 20 minutes discussing what I seek to accomplish with my book and how I want to bring spiritual warfare. The next 10 minutes are spent discussing how to succeed in the book selling field. The rest of the podcast seeks to establish a baseline of discussion on all things in world events.




Stand Up And Speak

Debby Montgomery Johnson has an amazing story on her own. As a widow, she was scammed out of over a million dollars. Instead of letting that be the end of her life, she used that to reach others. Now she runs an amazing podcast named “Stand Up & Speak.”

You can find our episode here:



Debby Montgomery Johnson Podcast

The Involved Father

Taimur D. Harris III is a loving Dad who seeks to dig into the details of being an involved Father and how to overcome the failures of our parents generation. He interviews Dad’s from around the world and digs deep on what it means to be involved in your child’s life.

Check the podcast here: Spotify Apple


You can catch him here to find him on your favorite podcasting platform: Anchor

The Michael D. Show

Interview with my publisher, Michael D. Butler, in Dallas, TX.

Michael D. Butler runs Beyond Publishing, and has published over 300 books with authors around the world.

He’s also the publisher of my book. Check him out here ->

The Evolution Podcast

Jeff Bayless brings wisdom that comes from overcoming trauma and overcoming life in The Evolution Podcast

Spotify Podcast     Apple Podcasts

Jeff Bayless is:

  • Servant Leader ?
  • Growth Seeker ?
  • Coach and Mentor ?
  • The Evolution Podcast ?
  • Journey To Higher Consciousness ?

Catch him here: Flowcode – all in one