For This Child I Have Prayed

“I feel so helpless….”
“For my child, I would protect them from anything….but how do I fight an enemy I can’t see or touch?”
“Why is God doing this to my precious child?… If He is not doing this, why is He allowing it?”

These are common thoughts for a parent whose child is diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition.
My son was diagnosed with two heart defects at birth. His doctor’s had never dealt with this combination of heart problems; they had no idea how they were going to treat him, or if he would make it. Were my son born 30 years earlier, the doctors would have sent him home to die with his family.

Through this season, as God guided us, I learned powerful things that I share in this book:

  • How to conquer the voices and visions of fear.
  • What God really wants when we deal with sickness.
  • How I can fight back and wage war against an invisible enemy.

This is my story how I saw God bring my son from near death to a happiness and health.