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When I wrote my book, “For This Child I Have Prayed: 6 Heart Surgeries, 18 Months”, I wanted to write a self-help book …without writing a self-help book. I wanted to share some incredibly powerful truths and weapons of spiritual warfare for people to use, but I didn’t want to do it in a way that was stifled, or lecturing, or …. Boring. I wanted to capture the spirit of Revelation 12:11 – that we have “…overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.” I wanted to share the principles implicitly and in the ways I learned them in my story.

Now, as my book is out for sale and making headway, I wanted to come back to those premises and put together a series of blog posts that discuss the key takeaways. I wanted to be very explicit about what I learned and put together a resource that someone can use to fight their own battles.

Over the this series, I plan to cover topics like – Whose side is God on? Are God’s promises for me? The weapon of worship. How do I fight back?

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God did some amazing things through me as I learned to fight for Samuel. I look forward to imparting those weapons and teachings to you.

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