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April 17, 2022

Authenticity – Part 2

I remember the conversation vividly. I had just told a Senior Developer in Portugal that he had an error in his billing script and we were missing out on money.…
April 9, 2022

That’s Not My Job

I still struggle with the phrase "That's not my job." On the one hand, I would never have gained all of the skillsets and insights I have today in my…
For This Child I Have Prayed
March 22, 2022

How I Met Samuel’s Mother – cut scene of “For This Child I Have Prayed”

One of the biggest things I cut out of "For This Child I Have Prayed" was how Stephanie and I met. It just didn't fit in the story and it…
Battle PlanFor This Child I Have Prayed
February 27, 2022

A Battle Plan: Principle 7.2 Paraclete

Samuel's last basketball game was today. He had just recently watched Sing 2 for a second time. The break dancing that Johnny did in that movie really struck a chord…
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Author’s Up Podcast

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Author's Up Podcast Hosted by Andrea Hines, Victoria Henderson and Ruth Griffin, Authors Up is a platform for first-time and established writers to share their work. They also feature writing…

The Jim Stroud Podcast

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Jim Stroud is runs Conservative Television of America. He hosts a full content website doing shows, podcasts, and blogging.  Speaking freely and questioning everything, Jim Stroud opines and interviews experts…

From Mess to Miracle Podcast

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From Mess to Miracle podcast is ran by Keith Haney, a pastor in Iowa. Keith digs into people's lives and finds stories of people who live quiet lives overcoming. He…

Chat and Spin Radio

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Chat and spin radio is a radio station in the UK owned and ran by Ron Clark. The station has just shy of a million listeners. Check out my interview…